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** Lots of updates

** WordPress is getting even better
The clever folk over at WordPress have been continuing to develop the platform, with some really impressive updates over recent months. WordPress 4.2 has just been released, adding new functionality and tweaks to make things even better for users.

In practical terms, this means two things:

1. There are easier and new ways of doing things in your site. Have a play and find out what the latest version can do for you! You can also find out information about the changes on the WordPress ( site.

2. In order to keep up with all these new features, the iChurch theme has been updated. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version of the iChurch theme, please email Rebecca ( , and we’ll get that sorted out for you as soon as possible. If you’ve been experiencing issues, such as your theme options customisations not working, it’s likely that this update would solve those problems.

iChurch Training
If you are new to iChurch, or have an iChurch site and don’t yet know how to use it, training is available at the Windermere Centre, on a pay-what-you-can basis. We’re happy to try to set up a course to suit you. Please get in touch (email Rebecca ( ).

We currently have space available on the following courses:

iChurch Level 1 ( , 1-3 May, at the Windermere Centre
iChurch Level 1 ( , 18-20 May, at the Windermere Centre

Both courses are led by Rebecca Gudgeon. Please email Rebecca ( if you’d like to join this course, to find out more, or to set up a course on new dates.

** Online Tutorial
We’d like to try offering an online clinic to help you troubleshoot any mysteries you’ve been facing in working on your site, and to help you learn new stuff to enhance your iChurch site. If you’d like to join us for the clinic, which will run live online at 8pm on Wednesday 13th May, please email Rebecca ( so that we can include you in the session. If this works well, we’ll try to offer some more tutorials in the future.

** Housekeeping
This is just a quick word to remind you keep your site’s WordPress and plugin installations up to date. The updates are often security fixes, and to fail to install them can sometimes leave your site more vulnerable than necessary to hacking attacks. Keeping them updated will also ensure that your site keeps running smoothly, and offers your visitors the best possible user experience. If you have any doubts, worries or concerns about doing these updates, please post them on the iChurch support forum ( so that the iChurch community can give you the advice you need.

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