Important iChurch News: Security Vulnerabilities

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This email contains important information about iChurch security risks

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** Security Vulnerabilities

** We need to keep our software up to date
First of all, I’d like to check: are you still the person looking after the iChurch website? We have your email on record, but if someone else has taken over, please could you send me their details, so I can get in touch with them? You may also wish to unsubscribe yourself from this mailing list, using the link below, if you are no longer involved with looking after an iChurch website.
I’m writing to you today because recently we have been subject to some fairly aggressive hacking attacks on the server, so our hosting providers have asked us to make sure that all of the software in the sites is up to date, as it has largely been vulnerabilities in out-of-date software that have allowed the hackers to cause the damage.
I’m currently going through all of the sites and updating everything, but I wanted to give you warning that I was going to do that, so it doesn’t take you by surprise, as in some cases it may cause changes in how your interface with the site looks and feels. I will also do some quick ‘housekeeping’ checks within the sites whilst I’m there, so there may emerge from that process some further action that needs to take place. If so, I’ll contact you again to follow up on that.
Looking forward, do you feel equipped to keep the software up to date yourself in the future? It’s simply a matter of applying the updates when you get notifications about them – they should appear in your dashboard as a little orange circle with a number – if you click through to wherever the orange circle leads you, there you should find details of the updates that need applying, and links to click to apply them. What do you think? I’m happy to advise you further as to how to do this if you’re worried. Please get in touch ( so we can put together a plan that works for everyone.

Thank you,

Rebecca Gudgeon.

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