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    Calling all webmasters!

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed – between 27th and 31st January we’re holding the first ever ‘Windermere Online Festival’. The idea is for us to give away loads of great free online content, basically.

    As part of that project, we’re planning to offer some iChurch training. I was thinking of maybe doing some pre-recorded instruction videos for some of the basics, and perhaps holding a couple of ‘clinic’ webinars where you guys can jump in with any questions you might have.

    So – I have a few questions:

      Might those things I’ve suggested be helpful?
      Has anyone any preference as to timings, if you’re particularly wanting to participate?
      Are there any particular questions you know you’d like to ask? (just so we can swot up, in case it’s something tricky!)
      Might any of you be up for helping answer things too?

    Since the iChurch network is such a lovely little community now, it’d be fantastic to have as many of you involved as possible – besides which, you might know the answers (especially when I don’t…!). If anyone’s interested, please let me know – I will be delighted!

    Thanks all.

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      Biscuit Master

      Hi Rebecca,

      Evenings after 19:00 would be best for me……….

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      Great, thanks BiscuitMaster 🙂

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      Yes, evenings after 19.00 would be best for me too!

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      Derek the Rev

      Likewise – after 7:00 best for me too.

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      Thanks for the responses.

      Here you go, folks:

      Happy days (hopefully!) 🙂

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      This is just a reminder for anyone who might be passing through here today that we’ve got two iChurch clinics scheduled:
      7.30pm tonight (Thursday 30th January 2014), and 7.30pm tomorrow night (Friday 31st January 2014).
      If you want to take part, please email me or sign up through the contact form on the page below:

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      Err…slight change of plan. Due to technical difficulties, the tutorial session on Friday 31st January will now be at 8.30pm rather than 7.30pm.

      Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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