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    I can create a side bar, but I can’t remember how to put it into a page. Could someone help please?

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      Hi Ken,
      You first need to edit the page that you want to show your sidebar on and under the ‘Page Attributes’ section on the top right set ‘Sidebar Layout’ to whatever you want to see e.g. ‘Sidebar Right’. Then save the page.

      If you want to then override the default right sidebar with one of your own custom sidebars then the easiest thing I have found is to go to the Appearance> Widget Areas screen. Make sure your custom sidebar has the same Widget Area Location (e.g. Right Sidebar) and then scroll down the Widget Area Assignments section and tick the page or pages that you want this custom sidebar to appear against. Remember to ‘Save widget Area’.

      I think that is all that is needed.

      If you want to see examples, I have used the default right sidebar on the following page
      and I have used a custom right sidebar on the following page, using the above method.

      All the best

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      Thanks Cerys, much appreciated.

      Ken………..aka Biscuit Master

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      Very fantastic, thanks Cerys – and Ken, for asking!

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