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    Is there a limit to the number of child pages to a parent page? I have scoured all possible places where this might be limited and maybe altered without success. I have a page with 5 child pages but it only displays 4. It is a long time since I set this all up!

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      Derek the Rev

      just a first thought – you have updated the menu when adding the fifth page? Not aware of a limit as I have nine ‘child’ pages from the one ‘parent’.

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      Yup, I’m with Derek: there’s no need to set ‘parent’ and ‘child’ pages in the way we used to. Now, whenever you want to add to or rearrange your navigation structure, head over to Appearance – Menus and edit your menu there. For anyone who’s a bit hazy on how to do this, I’ve put instructions into the ‘How To’ section of the support site: Hope that helps! 🙂

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      Thanks folks-done.

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