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    Rebecca Gudgeon

    Hey everyone. Some of you may remember me from when I used to work in the URC, helping to build the iChurch network. I’m no longer in employment doing this (in fact, I’m running a charity shop these days), but I am here to offer a bit of help on the forum site when I can. That means you can get posting all your trickiest questions – and don’t forget, please help answering other people’s questions, too. The basic premise of this being a forum, rather than a support-ticket system, is that it allows it to be user-led. It’s your forum, so let’s see what you do with it. Besides which, I may be more than a little bit rusty, so you guys may well know more than I do, and be able to support each other better than I can, because I know what lovely folks you all are.

    Rebecca Gudgeon.

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      Welcome Back!

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      Welcome back Rebecca!

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