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This email contains important information about logging into your iChurch website: please read and take note of the changes

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** Important Update

** Logging on to your site has changed…again!
We are pleased to be able to announce that our hosting providers have now upgraded iChurch to new, better servers.

In practical terms, this means two things:

1. You now need to revert to the old way of logging in: go to, and use your usual credentials to log in (please do continue with your more secure password). We’ve removed the security plugin as it is no longer necessary to protect your site in this way.

2. You can expect your site to be faster, and to be at reduced risk of security problems.

As well as the new servers, they’ve also added a service called Cloudflare. This works by filtering web traffic before it reaches our servers, cutting out a lot of the spam traffic, denial of service attacks and other rogue elements.
It also improves site speeds and, in the unlikely event of the server being offline, it will display a cached copy of each site to visitors meaning a web presence is always maintained.

You can learn more about it here or at the corporate site

We’re hopeful that this will help a lot with the excess bandwidth issues iChurch has been suffering with, which are almost certainly caused by spambot traffic.

Thank you for your continued patience with the changes, and we hope that you enjoy working on your new, faster website!

Once again, please pass this information on to anyone involved in working on your iChurch site.


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